Town of Passion - Final Release + Bundle Pack

Hey everyone!

The latest update to Town of Passion- Version 1.1.0 is available now for everyone to play on Windows & Android devices!


After a little over 3 years, Town of Passion has finally concluded!

The last planned update is released and available for all to play.  Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing journey.

This update finishes up the Bunny Manor by adding one more scene with the bunny girls & hiding a charm with a very cute costume for Haru.  In addition, Rose had one of her original scenes re-animated and the audio on most of her scenes were redone to feature a higher quality set of 'noises'.

In addition, there is now an art/animation bundle pack that is available on itch!  Town of Passion is remaining a free to play game.  This bundle pack, however, costs $10 and includes almost all of the art/animation from the game in it's full quality to be viewed on your computer (mp4 & png/jpg formats).

If you are a $10 or $15 Patron, these are the same rewards that you receive from that tier so there is no need to purchase the pack in this case!


As one journey closes, another begins.  Work on Sexy Quest is now going to ramp up into full gear and this Patreon page will start showing off teasers & updates for that game VERY soon.  For a little while longer, this patreon page will still have Town of Passion content/rewards as well.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled for a possible update or two to Town of Passion in many months to come.  There is some cut content and other costume ideas I'd really like to spend some time adding once my personal schedule slows down a bit.  I can't guarantee it, but I'd love to squeak out a couple more updates ;)

Thank you all so much for your support and I will see you soon! =D


Town of Passion [PC] 1 GB
Jun 28, 2021
Town of Passion - v1.1.0a.apk 1 GB
Jun 28, 2021
Art Animation Bundle - Town of Passion.rar 2 GB
Jun 28, 2021

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Am I missing something? I just downloaded the game on android and there is no "back" button. Cannot leave the options screen or backspace to name the character. Have not gotten beyond that point yet as I can only forsee huge difficulty with the actual game if simple UI for the settings menu and naming a character are missing a key button. Anyone know if it is a bug or if I am just missing something, please?

with this kind of game, there's no back button. and to leave from option, 2 fingers on your screen at a time. idk how on pc tho

How are you supposed to rename your character if there is no back/ delete button in the alphabet?

i know this comment is old but you just press esc and it functions as a back button

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Hello, Siren. I want to know if there is a chance for a future update for the players to get to choose a love interest, instead of the scripted Heroine? I hope to hear from you someday about my question.

Mac version when?? or it's not going to happen...

It's not going to happen. As stated on RPG Maker website, "RPG Maker MV is still compatible with macOS 10.10-10.15 but will not be compatible with macOS Big Sur 11.0 or later."

Someone show me how to take my save files on Android ??

It's not possible because the game launches using Android's WebView which acts like a mini-browser. WebView apps store files in folders inaccessible without root and knowing the directory name used for your specific device. Different manufacturers use different names.


I'm not very good at words but...GG. I'm a little late to see this, but i've been following your projects since forever and it's been a awesome 3 years :D

After the camp event it says something about outfits? Is there a way to change Outfits?


Hey Siren, about roughly close to a year ago I donated 2 bucks to you to download a earlier version of your T.O.P. game. Then today I donated 8 bucks to make it 10 bucks so I could get the bundle pack. The download is not showing the bundle pack included. So maybe there's  a bug somewhere for not getting the bundle after adding 8 bucks to the existing 2 bucks in donations. Please fix it so I can download the final version bundle pack. Thanks

Can some one tell me how to pick up the blue crystal in the green area

I really want to play this game and I can't download the 1.1.0,when I try it gets Half way done then says error connection and u click retry and get forbidden please help


It has been a long time since I find a game so well crafted. Not that I could not being improved a bit here and there but it's already a masterpiece. It's so pleasant, the characters are all different and well-written, the level design is especially good (no doubt comparing to the hoard of RPG-maker games that feels so empty).

So I just want to say congratulations and thanks. I couldn't afford continuous support through Patreon but I had no hesitations buying the game, definitely worth it.

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welp folks its been a good 3 years

See you again in another project.

May the author and the teams Stay healthy as always And please don't die on us :>

And we won't die supporting you guys to.

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On windows just copy the old saves from the folder www/saves into the new updated version inside www/saves (if there is no saves folder just copy or create a new folder)


Going to miss Flora wish more would of been told on her people prehaps a future project? 

good work and hope a scene join the girls at the tavern after midnight or was it late night comes to reality 


3 years of developing it you finally did it congratulations


i have been waiting for this soooo long 

same but im so sad that this is like the final official update :,) it was such a good game