Town of Passion - Beta 0.7.1 Available Now!

Hey guys!  Town of Passion - Beta 0.7.1 is available now!  Adventure through a mysterious land with a very mysterious Goddess- er, I mean Tree Sprite to guide the way!

Note: A new save file is recommended due to a new Quest Log feature.  A semi-complete save ready to begin with 0.7 can be found here!

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Town of Passion - Beta 0.7.1.rar 609 MB
May 27, 2018

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umm just asking about whats the update all about?

There's a bonus story feature in this game called the Book of Tales.  It's a fun way to learn more about the characters and experience holiday themed content; the first being a Halloween episode that was made last October.  0.7 focuses on the second event which is Spring Themed.  It's not as crucial to the story as other updates but it's got some video game inspired costumes and a fun side story.

Also some other core gameplay changes but I'd check the changelog for those if you're interested!

please do cause i love to explore these kind of changes in a game