Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.02 Now Available!

Hey guys!

The latest update is now available, Beta 1.2!

The goal of this build was to clean up a lot of things that I had on my backlog, aka Spring Cleaning so if you're playing on an older file, it may be a little confusing with where to begin.

This build mostly focuses on Mary, Akane, and the lust storyline.  There's a new location in Valencia that will allow you to upgrade certain key items.  That is CRUCIAL to starting most of the new content.  Reminder, if you need help or various tips, I've set up a help thread so players can help each other out.  

The next build will resume focusing on the story as it will focus on Haru, the younger of the ninja sisters! 

Thank you all so much for your support and for playing Town of Passion! =)


Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.02.rar 805 MB
Apr 29, 2019

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When are you expecting to flesh out content for Haru?

Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

Haru will be the focus of the next build ;)


do you know if someday will you do an  iOS or android version for this day

The Android version is actually available now to all $1+ ToP patrons while I still test it in an Alpha state.  It has a few issues but I'm going to release a fixed build hopefully today (May 1st).  It should go public a few days after if I feel like the build is playable enough (which it has been minus a few hiccups) =)

thank you very much I will wait for the update

I lost my save file when I updated the game, does this happen with each version?

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I assume you simply take the saves inside the "save" folder from the old game install and put them into the "save" folder for the new ToP version you downloaded.


You also need to copy the global.rpgsave file. It worked for me after that.

I see, thanks guys!