Android Version Now Public!

Hey guys!

It's been a long time in the making but the Android build is finally stable (enough) to be playable!  It's certainly not perfect and there are many tweaks I want to still make including polishing the on-screen buttons.

In order to play it, now when you download ToP, there is a .rar file and a .apk file.  For Android, you want the .apk file!

NOTE- RPG Maker MV is VERY memory intensive and I push this game to it's limits with the animated scenes.  If your phone doesn't have very up to date specs, it may not run very well or at all.

There is also a crash that can happen due to memory issues during various scenes that will say something like 'null width' error.  Be sure to SAVE OFTEN and if this crash occurs, restarting and retrying the scene will usually fix it.

I don't think playing on Android is the optimal way to enjoy Town of Passion but I know that it's the only option or the most convenient option for some so it's finally here.  I will work on a Mac version when the game's just about finished.

(Yes, I am working on making a functional Android version of Zombie's Retreat!)

Thank you for your support!


Town of Passion 1.2.1a.apk 752 MB
May 04, 2019

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When I try to install the app, it immediately says app not installed. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8, I should have enough file space and permissions for unknown apps is allowed. Any idea why it won't install?

*Edit* Nevermind, I just needed to open up more space.

thank you very much