Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.03/1.2.2xa Now Available

After releasing the Android build to the public it was apparent very quickly that there was a nasty crash causing the game to become nearly unplayable for many.

There's a 'width null' error popping up for a lot of players when a scene begins so I've tried to do some things to fix that.

-Implemented Auto save that triggers at the start of each new day to help minimize progress lost

-Upgraded base RPGM files to improve stability

The PC build has also been updated with these features so I will keep an eye out for any reports of previous plugins no longer functioning properly.

Apologies for the Android build not working as intended.  If the build is still not functioning well enough to be considered playable, I will cancel the attempts to port to mobile devices.


Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.03.rar 811 MB
May 06, 2019
Town of Passion 1.2.2xa.apk 752 MB
May 06, 2019

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hay when I download this a lot of files where missing. where do I get them? how do I fix this?

i am unable to save my game, which button do i press

hi, ahhh the width null keeps appearing in the special scenes but I know that you may cancel the android version and that's fine just wanted to tell you that, ill wait for the iOS version and one more question does Hera has any conversation or can we talk with her bc when I press talk it goes out and does nothing. I hope you respond this , have a good evenning

I'm going to continue with the Android build but I'll make more optimizations when the game's finished as that's the easiest way.

There's been a tip from a player, he said to back out of the game right when you enter a scene (when the music changes) and that has prevented the error from occurring.

Minerva will have more talk dialogue when the Passion story is continued! 

Aye, so like, during the Strength Test it says I should smash between the action buttons... Which action buttons? A and B? Just A? After failing, the game freezes in a black screen 

Are you playing on PC or Android?  Sounds pretty odd either way so I'll look into that