Town of Passion - Android B1.2.3a Updated!

Hey guys!

The Android build of ToP has been updated from 1.2.2xa to 1.2.3a

I did some private testing and found that increasing load times during scenes helped the Android build's performance so in an effort to help stabilize that version of ToP, I've created a dynamic loading system which results in slightly longer load times if you're playing on mobile.  This gives each image/animation enough time to load in, otherwise it leads to that error.

There are around 40 scenes in the game so it's possible that some scenes may still have instability.   Fortunately, now I can pinpoint specific scenes and tweak the load times to help improve performance.

IMPORTANT: I don't believe there's any (easy) way to keep your save file on the Android copy so unfortunately this means you will have to start over.  If you do not wish to, there's nothing new as far as content goes in this build.

It's been a stressful week trying to get this Android build up and running but I'm hoping this finally gives consistent enough results that are acceptable in my eyes.  Thank you all for being patient with the release of this port and thank you all for reporting crashes and other issues!


Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.3a.apk 752 MB
May 09, 2019

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hi siren I was wondering that in the future are you going to add harms timeline or dialogues?

Do you mean harem?   If so, I plan to connect most of the characters together for more threesomes+ in the future!

but she hasn't a history like Mary or rose yet right?

Oh, do you mean Haru?  She's going to be the focus of the next update so she'll have a story very soon!

hi, ahhh siren so I finished almost all the women in the game I only need Akane but after the special training on the night and that they go back to the dojo the screen freezes and closes the game there was only one time that didn't closed it but on the special scene it appeared the null thingy, sooo can you help me(by the way is the android version)

Why that the game is not downloading on me

by the way what happened to your guide on it doesn't work anymore

so I have a problem with Akane that after shadow step training on the forest when they return to the dojo between their talk it suddenly crashes and takes me out of the game and I have tried it several times

So, this has worked to get me past the Raylene special scene after giving the wine, but the Aunt Rose special scene after giving her the red diamond still hangs right in the middle. Otherwise, appreciate the time you've spent digging into this!

Ps. I did not have to start from the beginning. It recognized this app as an update and continued with all my saved files.

It hangs by giving you the null width error or is there something else wrong with it?  And that's great to know about it recognizing your old saves!! =D

No - this one did not get the null width error.  I encountered that with Raylene and in the dark forest scene (I can't remember that one's name, as I haven't been back yet.)  The Aunt Rose scene is the anal scene, and after she asks you to go faster.  Then it just hangs.  Every time at the same spot.  Not sure why - I just can't get it to progress, and have to force close the game every time.

so when that appears you have to close the game completely after you have to start again resume before the special scene and try to do it again it works mostly the second time but sometimes you have to make it three times

yeah - no luck - tried multiple times.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into that

it works perfectly thank you