Town of Passion - Beta 1.3.2 Now Available!


The latest major update for Town of Passion is now live for a public release on both Windows & Android!

(NOTE: This build was updated to Beta 1.3.3.  Fixes a potential sequence break on both versions and fixes action button not showing up on Android)

This build focuses on Haru, the younger of the two ninja sisters and her quest for purpose.  I hope you enjoy working with her and deepening your relationship.

In addition, there are also a few new places to explore and a new side quest with Rose in her Halloween outfit so be sure to check those out!

I've also made some pretty significant changes to the scene player in an attempt to fix the null width error.  If you wish to help, please report any null width crashes on any particular NSFW scenes in the community forums and I will check those out!  I believe I've figured out the cause of the crash so I'm trying to strike a balance between smooth loading scenes that don't cause the game to completely croak.

Thank you all for your support!  I will see you soon with more news of the next ToP build!


Town of Passion - Beta 1.3.3.rar 843 MB
Jul 01, 2019
Town of Passion - Beta 1.3.3a.apk 779 MB
Jul 01, 2019

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why when i try to unzip the game after down load nothing happens

Why does my game keep getting restarted when I update?


Are you on PC?  If so, you need to copy all of the files in your save folder and paste them into the new build's save folder.

Android build is a little less certain but I've been told the saves automatically carry over.

Yes, I am on PC. Thanks for the reply on how to transfer saves! I didn't even think about that. Thanks for the help!

Also, awesome game so far. Really enjoying the story and seeing where the passion/lust storylines will go. Also curious as to what new costumes Haru will get, as well as the purpose of the dress in the attic!

hello siren, great update I really liked the Haru history and new place in front of the ocean but unfortunately the "error width"keeps popping up in the old special scenes and there is also this, I got to the last mission with Akane but after the cut scene back at the dojo the game stops and closes and for a last thing is that minerva sos you to go with her when you have passion level 3 and I already have it but when I click the option it doesn't do anything, I really hope you can answer this comment but besides that good job on this update and im waiting for the next one.

have a good day, regarding


hello! just downloaded the 1.3.4 version. Unfortunately im running into the "error width" right before the scene begins with haku. the scene after the secondmission

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Amazing, i was waiting for this update <3