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Town of Passion - Android B1.2.3a Updated!
Hey guys! The Android build of ToP has been updated from 1.2.2xa to 1.2.3a I did some private testing and found that increasing load times during scenes helped...
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Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.03/1.2.2xa Now Available
After releasing the Android build to the public it was apparent very quickly that there was a nasty crash causing the game to become nearly unplayable for many...
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Android Version Now Public!
Hey guys! It's been a long time in the making but the Android build is finally stable (enough) to be playable! It's certainly not perfect and there are many tw...
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Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.02 Now Available!
Hey guys! The latest update is now available, Beta 1.2! The goal of this build was to clean up a lot of things that I had on my backlog, aka Spring Cleaning so...
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Town of Passion - Beta 1.2.02 In Early Access!
Hey guys! Town of Passion - Beta 1.2 is currently available in the early Beta test stages for $5+ Patrons! Patreon Link The public release will be available on...
Town of Passion - Beta 1.1.2 Now Available!
Hey guys! The next major build of Town of Passion is now live! This update include's Akane's story, the older ninja residing in Valencia. Learn more about her...
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Town of Passion - Beta 1.0.1 Now Available!
Hey guys! Town of Passion Beta 1.0 is now public! Beta 1.0.1 comes with some bug fixes found during the beta test period so this build should be pretty stable...
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Town of Passion - Beta 1.0 (Beta Test) Now Available!
Hey guys! Town of Passion Beta 1.0 released today for $5+ Town of Passion Patrons! The public release will release on December 31st so if you don't or can't wi...
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